Tutorial : Adding Ringtones and Large Thumbnail in Carbide

So many questions about creating theme in carbide, somehow I’m not always online to answer all of it. So I try to make tutorial about some things that are frequently asked. For today I will explain about Adding Ringtones and Large Thumbnail in Carbide. For those of you who already know about this, please skip :D.

Add Ringtones

We can add ringtone in carbide, usually I only add ringtone for Call and SMS. Here are some few steps to add ringtones :

  1. Open carbide, and open your theme that you want to add ringtone on it.
  2. On RESOURCES tab, go to SOUNDS
  3. And then you will find SOUNDS tab that consist some items showing ringtones that you can change. To change ringtone for call, choose MAIN RINGTONE, for SMS ringtone choose message alert tone.
  4. After click the tone that you want to change, simply browse for the ringtone (see in picture above).
  5. That’s All. Now you get custom ringtone in your theme.

Note : You can use .mp3 and .wav format for ringtone. The larger size of the ringtone that is used, the greater the size of the theme you will get.

Add Large Thumbnail

Many people ask how do I add a thumbnail for my theme. Large thumbnail is a small preview of the theme, we can see it in our phone, for example the default nokia theme on c3 has a lrge thumnail showing wallpaper that it use. How to make large thumbnail adn using it in carbide?

  1. Download the Large thumbnail template, I create t in photoshop cs5 : http://ifile.it/meqrabi/large_thumbnail.psd
  2. Edit the Large thumbnail as you wish, feel free to modify the template, after finish, save it as .gif
  3. Open carbide, and go to this section (see picture below)
  4. On thumbnail tab, click the Large thumbnail, adn browse for the file
  5. That’s it, your theme has Large thumbnail, you can see it in your phone.

End of Tutorial


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