Tutorial : Simple Digital Clock

Wondering how to make a digital clock for your theme? Today I’ll provide a Tutorial how to make a simple digital clock. I got this tutorial from on of my best friend Joelke. This tutorial shall explain how to create a simple digital clock, step by step. In this tutorial we use SwishMax 4, which is compatible for both Windows Xp and Windows 7. Please read it carefully before you ask a question. Somehow this tutorial is only a basic tutorial, to create digital clock in various style you need to develop it your self.

Tools and download :

  1. First you need to download the tool/software SwishMax 4. You can download it here LINK, or you could also download the PORTABLE version : LINK
  2. Download Flash Player so you can play the movie that we would create : LINK.
  3. You could also download the sample file.

Step by Step

PS : to enlarge picture, ricght click + view image

1. Open Swish Max4

2. Resize the document into 319px (width) and 239px (height)

3. Browse for your arbitary background picture

4. Create a new movie clip for digital clock, and put a dynamic text into it, see picture below !!!

5. Go to “Script” tab and insert the action script for digital clock (included in sample file)

6. Create another movie clip for calendar, and also put a dynamic text into it. See picture below!!!

7. Go to “Script” tab and insert the action script for calendar (included in sample file)

8. Now your Animated digital clock and calendar is ready, click the play button to see how it works.

To use this animated clock in creating nokia C3 theme, first you need to export the movie into .swf [FILE – EXPORT – SWF]. In carbide, use this .swf as a wallpaper. Carbide won’t show this animated correctly, but don’t worry, as log as you make the right swf, it’ll also works well on your phone.

Tips : Use your imagination and creativity to create a beautiful Animated wallpaper, use internet to find some inspiration ;). GOOD LUCK.




13 responses to “Tutorial : Simple Digital Clock

  1. ivan

    wah.makasih banget bang tutorialnya.mantaph

  2. ivan

    bang.yang ditutorial sama portable beda.gmana tuh?kalo yang ga portable koq harus unlock or buy gt.helppp

  3. ivan

    bang. yang di portable koq ga ada yang buat “time_text” cuma nama buat time aja

  4. Narendra Kumar

    Thanks Dear for this nice tutorial, It’s very nice tutorial. But 1st I want to make flash clock in am:pm formate. And 2nd I want to add the particular day like sunday or monday. How can i do these all. Thanks in adv.

  5. Narendra Kumar

    Thank you so much for this great tutorial.
    But 1st thing I want to make the clock in AM/PM formate.
    And 2nd I want to add the particular day ( sun or mon) also in their.
    So Now How Can I do these all.
    Thanks in Adv.

  6. ivan

    waiting for the tutorial include the ‘second’ in time and the day in date….

  7. MuniCingampalli

    your format of time is 6:00 but i want the format as 06:00 that is how to add zero before a single digit number in the time.. please tell me i have tried a lot but i cant make it..

  8. Ram Charan

    How Can i Add Time In Am Pm Formate And Add Day( Mon, Tue etc) Plz Help……………….

  9. thanks my frind…
    thank you so much..

  10. Bangaram

    Nice Tutorial, It help me alot to make swf flash clock for my mobile.
    Thank u

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