Transparency on the theme

This morning I received an email from someone, she asked how I create Aero Taskbar like I did on my Vista Aero theme. Actually this is easy, especially if you are using photoshop. I think photoshop is the best tool to make and produces a rich good pictures. Therefore, I will explain it this time.

Do you remember my Window Vista Aero Theme? I use many elements with transparency so it looks like real vista aero desktop. If you want to make a theme with transparency elements, you can follow these steps.

Open your Photosop and create a new document. I open my Vista theme template here :

You can see the aero taskbar and list-selected elemt with transparency. To make any element become transparent, you can change the opacity into less than 100%.

Change the opacity depend on your taste. And ig you want to make aero taskbar just like i did, just apply these style. Right click in the layer and choose Blending option, then apply these options.

That’s it, now you have a Visa Aero style. Hope this post usefull for you, if you have any question, please leave any comment or contact me @ Thank you.


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