Take A Screenshot of Your s40 Phone

Screenshot is important for a theme maker. Screenshot has function to display the theme that we have created so it can make other people interested in our theme. Generally, Website that provide free themes like eseth.net, tekhseven.net and mobile9.com also require the uploader to include screenshot of their themes. Taking screenshots s60 phone is easy, but for s40 phones is a bit difficult.

But now we can do it easily with Nokia Screen Dumper, a simple software to take a screenshot of your s40 phone. Just follow these simple steps :

  1. Download Nokia Screen Dumper : http://www.mediafire.com/?naezioznz6zh9sd
  2. Deactivate all Nokia-related-software (Nokia PC Suite, Nokia Ovi Suite, Nokia Software updater, etc).
  3. Run Nokia Screen Dumper.
  4. Connect your phone via USB, and choose PC Suite mode/Ovi Suite.
  5. Back to Nokia Screen Dumper, choose : File – Connect (a pop up box will appear notify that connection is succeeded)
  6. To take a Screenshot, click DUMP.
  7. To save the screenshot click SAVE, choose PNG format for the best result (recomended).
  8. If you finish taking your screenshot, choose : File – DIsconnect.

This is a screenshot of my Nokia C3 while using Nokia Screen Dumper :

And this is the result :


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54 responses to “Take A Screenshot of Your s40 Phone

  1. yankarl0

    I am using that also, but it doesn’t work when you don not have any Nokia Pc Suite installed on your PC, am i correct?

  2. probably not, I used NSD when I’m not isntalling any nokia PC suite and it works !

  3. paavo

    Hi Udjo42,
    With java applications not working? I tried, but it is a white screen 😉

  4. paavo

    Thanks, I thought that I’m doing something wrong 🙂
    Your themes for Nokia C3 are amazing! Good job 😉

  5. paavo

    Hello Udjo42

    I wanted to start creating themes for Nokia C3 😉

    I Installed ‘Carbide.ui Theme Edition Series 40 5.0’ and ‘Carbide_ui_Series_40_6th_Edition_Compact_UI_Plug_in_v1_1_en’ but the resolution in the program is still 240×320, You know what I mean? I do not see the screen with c3 (320×240), but 240×320 😉

    You too are working on this resolution?


  6. Hi! Don’t you know any application that captures the screen on the go? Without the USB and such? Thanks!

  7. Kathie

    It doesn’t work if you have no OVI Suite installed?

  8. thnx man ……

    it doesnt work if ovi suite and pc suite are running

  9. asfa

    this application need extra effort for running 😀

  10. intan

    ko gak connect ?

  11. Janine

    It doesn’t work. 😦 Why?

  12. Cute Heart NINS Paul

    my cell phone is nokia c3 but there is no connection to my laptap so i need sceenshot in keypad so i can make it easyer

  13. Hello Udjo42
    your tutorials are great!
    i just want to ask how to make a highlight image that i can use for making theme for my nokia C3
    thak you 🙂

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  15. Is there any other way excpt connecting it to pc ??
    Or any other apps to get d screen easier only by my s40??

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  17. Is there a screen dumper app used to capture the screen with opened Java applications? Everytime I am trying to do so, the screen dumper only displays a white screen. Thanks!

  18. ivan

    pas ane connect tapi nokia suite gabisa detect hapenya.kenapa yak?pas coonect nsd juga kayagitu(wndows seven)

    • ane install nokia suite terbaru, lancar gan

      • ivan

        ane dah coba pake xp bisa gan.tapiapa sama sekali gabisa pake windows seven?ane coba pake windows seven,gabisa. padahal dah download latest nokia suit suit.ane dah buat theme dan upload ke http://www.tehkseven.net.tolong commentnya gan. nick ane disitu “leoriza”.oia, ane udah download nokia adobe flash professional cs3 yang portable.bisa ga bikin flash clock pake app itu?kalo bisa kasih short tutorial dong ke email ane.plis.thanks gan.

  19. Hello, I have phones asha 302 and asha 303 all seems fine, but when I clic capture, the windows applications just freezes.

  20. orang indonesia kah?
    bantuin ane gan , msh blm bisa . ane pake hp nokia X2-01
    trus padahal pake windows xp dan ga nginstall Nokia PC Suite , gimana dong?

    • justru ente install aja nokia suite, karena di nokia suite ada driver buat kabel data hape ente, nanti kalo mau jalanin nsd, cek NOKIA suite harus off, keliatan koq di tray sebelah kanan bawah

  21. Works fine for me. Thanks a bunch friend!

  22. Bee

    Hey..i want to take screen shots of my fone screen..n save them in my fone as images…
    For example..whtsappp chat fragments..
    Any way/software to do that? Please do let me know..asap..please

  23. Eva

    Ko pas udah didownload full tp pas diliat cuma 130kb ya? Trus ko pas dibuka gabisa?file not supported. Itu knp?

  24. Yogz

    I have hacked my nokia s40 to minimize apps
    is there any screen recorder which i can minimize?

  25. Yogz

    I gotta take 30 dump per sec to record a video xD

  26. Chinmay

    why it doesnt work on nokia asha 305 s40 device
    whenever i click dump after 5-10 seconds it comes nsd not responding ??

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