Basic Of Theming

Creating a theme for mobile theme is easy, you can find many tools that can make you become a theme maker instanly. Maybe we all know that we can create theme online at ownskin, googamobile, etc. Also we can use carbide.ui for nokia user or other theme making software.

Before you start creating your own theme, why don’t you check some Basic of Theming rules that probably you need. This tips was originally written by gseth at

These tips and basic simplistic things should be read and hopefully followed by all who want to have a great start in theming or who already have tried out their hands in theming and want to improve skills further.

Basic Rules which are very important:

1. Simple
2. Easy to Read Text

Our recommendation is only once you have the above two mastered, you should experiment with making complicated backgrounds and bars.

Lets start of with easy to read text. This is very important, cause people who actually use themes, would prefer to read text without putting even the slightest of stress on their eyes, or where they cannot figured out what is written on the screen because the background is so busy. Yeh one might download and apply a theme which is jaw dropping, but believe me, if there is any difficulty in reading text slightly, nobody will keep it and actually use it.

Example 1 (WRONG)

Theme is very colourfull and seems proper. See how the text is interfering with the background.

Example 1a (Correct)

Example 1a (Correct)

Correct way of doing this. In above example i have used to overlap the image with soft blur and motion blur. Even overlapping with a black background with 60-80% opacity and light text would do.

I myself would not personally rate this theme as 100% functional in text readability, but compared to example 1, this is way way better and text is not that hard to read. In other words theme would be actually usable.

Conclusion :

Try to mix and blend the right colors between text and background, dark background – bright text, bright background – dark text, so the user won’t find any difficulty to read the text when using the theme. For beginner. simple theme with 2 – 3 colors is much better than a complex-color theme, but it’s all back to you as the theme maker.

For more tutorial and update please subsribe.

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3 responses to “Basic Of Theming

  1. Moyukh roy

    Brilliant blog.:D can i take some knowledge about theming from u ?

  2. i am downloadin software… can u send me instructions thru word doc…plz

  3. Carbide ui itu software berbayar ya?

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