How do I Make Nokia C3 Themes?

Since I started making themes for Nokia C3, many people ask how do I make these themes. Most people find the same problem, they can not find an option for 320×240 screen in the software even carbide. It is not yet available plugins for 320 x 240 screen although in fact already available plugin for Nokia C3, ie Plugins Compact. This is probably because Nokia C3 runs on Series 40 Java operating systems sixth edition and the only phone with a 320 x 240 screen that runs on these operating systems.

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Tutorial : Adding Ringtones and Large Thumbnail in Carbide

So many questions about creating theme in carbide, somehow I’m not always online to answer all of it. So I try to make tutorial about some things that are frequently asked. For today I will explain about Adding Ringtones and Large Thumbnail in Carbide. For those of you who already know about this, please skip :D. Continue reading

Tutorial : Simple Digital Clock

Wondering how to make a digital clock for your theme? Today I’ll provide a Tutorial how to make a simple digital clock. I got this tutorial from on of my best friend Joelke. This tutorial shall explain how to create a simple digital clock, step by step. In this tutorial we use SwishMax 4, which is compatible for both Windows Xp and Windows 7. Please read it carefully before you ask a question. Somehow this tutorial is only a basic tutorial, to create digital clock in various style you need to develop it your self. Continue reading

Anna Batik Icon Set For Theming

Today I’d love to share my works, I’m currently in progress making a new theme, and this I’m planing to use this icon set. Anna Batik Icon Set, is modified icon from original Anna Icon from symbian. I use batik pattern, which is one of the cultural richness of Indonesia. Batik is a painted pattern dikain, and it use by people on the island of Java as a clothing material. Continue reading

Free : Blackberry Icon Set

Hello there, as I promise today I share my first Icon set, Blackberry Icon Set. I make this icon for my Nokia C3 theme project “blueberry”. Blackberry is such a famous handhelds, I think may theme maker out there want to make a-Blackberry-GUI theme just like me. The only problem is about the icon, I can’t find Blackberry icon set, so I decide to make it by my self.  Continue reading

Transparency on the theme

This morning I received an email from someone, she asked how I create Aero Taskbar like I did on my Vista Aero theme. Actually this is easy, especially if you are using photoshop. I think photoshop is the best tool to make and produces a rich good pictures. Therefore, I will explain it this time.

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